Male fertility
Are you sitting with your computer on your lap? A small research project from Yefim Sheynkin at the State University of New York has found that the heat from your laptop can elevate the temperature of your scrotum by up to 2.8 degrees. That may be nice but the problem is that there is a well demonstrated link between high testicular temperature and infertility.

The team at the university plan to test whether laptops have a significant effect on the performance and quality of sperm when they look at a larger sample of men. If you are having problems concieving a baby with your partner it is maybe worth considering. Men whose sperm quality is hampering fatherhood are often told to try cooling the temperature of their scrotum by wearing looser pants and by avoiding hot baths.

The study team headed by Yefim Sheynkin have suggested heavy laptop use over a number of years "may cause irreversible or partially reversible changes in male reproductive function". We wait to see. In the meantime it may be worth placing your laptop on a table or moving it as far away from your testicles as is workable to increase your chances of parenthood.


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