Experience, understanding the intrinsic values, special attitude towards love and sex - is not so these qualities appreciate females in their partners?

With the age intimate life is changing - and not far worse, because the man is beginning to worry more about the partner`s feelings, and sex blooms with new colors of tenderness and trust.

Unfortunately, growing up and gaining life experience is often accompanied by stress, chronic diseases, easing tone. This in turn leads that every year more than 150 million men worldwide have erectile dysfunction. Specialists define erectile dysfunction as the inability to achieve and maintain erection necessary for the commission of sexual intercourse. A man can hide or not to recognize this problem and not to go to a doctor for treatment, years of worrying over the lack of a harmonious sexual life. Also from it suffers a woman. As a result a maturity period turns into wilt and premature aging period.

Many men can sometimes have difficulty with erection, but does not mean that these problems can become permanent in the future. To establish a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction it should be regular recurrence of these problems. Erectile dysfunction is a frequent condition. Presumably some 152 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction.

How much can be expressed erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be expressed in varying degrees in different men.

Basically, doctors are using the following division of the degree of erectile dysfunction:

Lack of erectile dysfunction

Fully preserving the ability to achieve and maintain erection during sexual intercourse.

Light erectile dysfunction

The opportunity to achieve and maintain erection is slightly broken. Misfire occurs only occasionally. Men with light erectile dysfunction do not seek to doctor, looking for a way out for yourselves: for example buy stimulators of erection. But we'll talk about this later.

Moderate erectile dysfunction

The failures occur in about half of the cases. The opportunity to achieve and maintain erection moderately impaired. Men with moderate ED rarely satisfied with sexual intercourse. Most men with erectile dysfunction have a moderate degree of its expression.

Heavy degree of erectile dysfunction

Misfire occurs frequently, more than half of the cases. Men try to avoid sexual contact, usually they already have one or more diagnosed diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.

But do not be discouraged. Modern erectile dysfunction remedies have effectively helps to treat various degrees of ED. You ask what are these remedies? About this I will tell you in next post.

  1. Anonymous June 6, 2008 at 10:31 AM  

    Very nice article...

  2. Joseph June 7, 2008 at 4:47 PM  

    I had some problems in the past. My doctor said that they were psychological in nature...

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