Erectile dysfunction causes

The causes are many, but the main culprits of lowering potency remain progressive atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, tobacco and alcohol dependence. When these diseases are occurring organism changes in the vessels, which resulted that walls of veins and arteries lose elasticity and flexibility, become fragile and brittle, which is one of the most frequent causes of impotence.

In normal condition, under the influence of the central nervous system impulses, occurs relaxation of wall receptacles of penis, resulting in blood quickly fills the penis. Increasing arteries compressing smaller vessels, which in a relax position the blood drop in veins; outflow of blood decreases rapidly, and that ensures the erection.

However, the progression of atherosclerosis and, consequently, deposition of cholesterol plaques on the walls of vessels, the use of drugs that reduce blood pressure, diabetic vascular lesions, alcohol abuse, stress - all of this, together and separately, reduces the ability to normal erection.

Erectile dysfunction diagnosis

A call to pay more attention to own health - not empty words. According to statistics, only one in ten men, faced with sexual disorders, go to a specialist. Meanwhile, more than half of the cases of erection can be restored. We need only to look into the causes of the problem. And here alone without consulting the specialist can not do - need visit a doctor, who will decide your problem.

First of all, a doctor find out whether the violations hiding in the sexual area inflammatory diseases of the prostate, bladder, etc. To answer this question you may also be sent to the urologist consultation, followed by ultrasound, blood letting, as well as taking bacteriological swab.

If inflammatory diseases will not be identified, the doctor may refer you to an endocrinologist, since potency violations often associated with hormonally violations, special analysis will establish content in the blood of certain hormones.

Vascular disorders that lead to ED, identified by modern research methods - ultrasound dopplerography, modern techniques allow even determine the quantitative and qualitative indicators of penis bloodstream.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

In aphrodisiacs place came all known Viagra. But this is not a panacea, as they take. Viagra has side effects, among which the most innocent - a sudden change of color sensation in which everything around becomes blue. Here is a list of more severe effects of Viagra include headache, redness and individually in some cases, worsening heart diseases and this is not to mention the numerous forgery of that remedy.

Regarding the choice of treatment, the issue entirely depends on what the cause of disease. Methods are many - from medication to surgery.

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